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NJ Politician Charles Mainor Slurs Eagles With Homophobic Facebook Message

Charles Mainor, victim of a homophobic facebook posting ninja attack.
Charles Mainor, victim of a homophobic facebook posting ninja attack.

NJ State Assemblyman Charles Mainor, who is also a Jersey City cop, was so excited to see his beloved Giants beat the Packers, that he decided to take to Facebook to celebrate, by taunting the Eagles and Cowboys. Problem is, he used a homophobic slur to do so.

In the update, he wrote, "We are not going to just lay down, we come to play. Who the hell do you think we are the Dallas Cowgirls or those gaybirds from Philly ... No we are the New York Giants."

"No, we are the NY Giants" lol. That was the dumbest part.

But what's worse, this coward wasn't even man enough to own up to the fact that he wrote it. For a politician to write something like that on a public forum is dumb, but ultimately not a huge deal. If he just acknowledged the mistake and moved on, it's not the worst thing that a person can do. But rather than do that, he claims that he didn't write part about "gaybirds." He says that he wrote the message while at a party and while he did write all the words before and after the "gaybirds" comment, a friend apparently snuck in and added that part.

"I have to take full responsibility because it was under my name," he said. "I have no excuse, other than me not looking before he did send the post."

Give me a break. And then this dope actually plays the "I have relatives that are gay" card. It's a joke.

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