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Asante Samuel, Possible Bears Target?

After finishing 28th in the NFL against the pass and with three guys headed to free agency, the Chicago Bears will be in the market for a corner this offseason. In fact, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune says they'll probably need to add two or three corners this offseason. Now, typically a team running a cover-2 scheme like Lovie Smith goes for better tacklers over cover guys, but their poor performance this season could lead them to a tweak of that philosophy.

If that were the case, they may have interest in the Eagles' Asante Samuel.

Samuel is expected to be on his way out one way or the other, but the most preferred exit would be one that returns some value to the Eagles. So, given what Samuel is and the money he makes etc, let's make some reasonable trade offers to the Bears in the comments. Keep in mind they have an extra third round pick thanks to the Greg Olsen trade.

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