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Bowen: Spagnuolo Is In No Hurry

The Daily News' Les Bowen spoke to a source close to Steve Spagnuolo yesterday who said that the ex Rams coach is in no hurry to choose his next job.

Talked to someone close to Steve Spagnuolo yesterday. This person said Spagnuolo is going to take his time with his decision on what comes next, that he wants to "see what develops."

The inference Bowen makes, which is a pretty clear one to make here, is that Philadelphia is not necessarily a dream job for Spags. That's not to say he wouldn't come here, but if he wanted Philly above all other non head coaching jobs, he'd probably be flying in to sign the papers tomorrow. At least according to this report, he's not.

And if he's seeing what develops, that obviously refers to what jobs/offers are available to him. The Saints, Eagles & Falcons have all been reported to have interest and they're probably in that order of attractiveness. But who knows what will motivate Spagnuolo? Is he looking to start a bidding war for his services? Is it all about the best place to revive his head coaching career? Is it where he's most comfortable?

These are going to be the questions that ultimately decide where he ends up.

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