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The Linc - Can Jimmy Rollins Help Michael Vick?

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Vick Almost Off Probation
Vick is scheduled to be finished with his probation in May, the final part of a sentence that included 19 months in a federal penitentiary and two months of home confinement.

Vick asks Rollins to help learn to slide
Michael Vick took to Twitter to ask Jimmy Rollins to teach him how to slide.

Philadelphia Eagles Offseason: Is Steve Spagnuolo The Answer? - SB Nation Philly
Other teams are interested in Steve Spagnuolo and nothing is official yet, but the Philadelphia Eagles are rumored to be adding Spagnuolo to their staff at some point in the near future. Is he the answer?

Will Washburn join Fisher? | Philly | 01/14/2012
If Steve Spagnuolo comes here and doesn't want to run the wide 9, Jim Washburn and Gregg Williams could head to St Louis to join Jeff Fisher.

John Harbaugh's remarkable journey
Once a frustrated special teams coach at the Univ. of Cincinnati, former Eagles assistant John Harbaugh is two wins from taking the Ravens to the Super Bowl.