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NFP Weighs In On The Vontaze Burfict Debate

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If you've been reading the comments on the site for the last few months on any draft related story, you'll no doubt have noticed the debate going on about Arizona State LB Vontaze Burfict. You've no doubt gotten the quick scouting report. He has poor instincts, is not smart and has big character red flags. However.... He's also 6-3, 250, super quick and hits like a ton of bricks.

Wes Bunting, who scouts college for National Football Post, wrote an in depth scouting report on him yesterday which should help give you a better grasp of a guy that I suspect people don't know as much about as they claim. You should certainly read his full report, but here is Bunting's conclusion.

A talent with natural pop on contact, can hold the point of attack and for his size exhibits "plus" range and fluidity. Isn't a guy who I could trust as a starting 43 mike as he needs to stay in control of his emotions and make the defensive calls. Needs to be put in a good locker room with a vet next to him to help him learn to be a professional. If he can overcome his struggles on the field emotionally, he's got the talent to be a Pro Bowl caliber linebacker.

Bunting has him rated as a 6.6 on a scale from 4-9.

He would likely be too much of a reach at #15, as The Sporting News projects him as a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Given the Eagles recent history with 3rd rounders, I'd say why not take a chance on a boom/bust type of guy like this? But what about those higher picks? The Eagles will also pick twice in the second round. Would you roll the dice on this guy with one of those picks?

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