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The Linc - Everyone But The Rams Wants Spagnuolo

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Vikings Also In the Mix For Spags?
Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier was an assistant coach alongside Spagnuolo in Philadelphia from 1999-2002.

Falcons would "love" to land Spagnuolo for coordinator job | ProFootballTalk
ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Falcons would "love" to hire former Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo for the defensive coordinator job. Jack Del Rio, Mike Nolan, and Raheem Morris are other names that have been mentioned as logical possibilities, but it’s unclear if the Falcons are interested in them.

Les Bowen: For Birds, how big a loss is Grigson, Colts' new GM | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/12/2012
What does Ryan Grigson's departure mean for the Eagles? Howie Roseman noted that Grigson has been involved in every key decision for many years.

Ray's Replies: Will Eagles target Fletcher?
In the latest edition of Ray's Replies, a fan asks if the Eagles will target free agent London Fletcher, who led the league in tackles in 2011.

The Anatomy of a Comeback: How the Eagles Blew Five Leads
How did the Eagles blow five fourth-quarter leads this season? The simple answer many fans and those in the media have chosen to adopt is "Juan Castillo," but it glosses over the fact that in every case, there were other elements at work that were equally responsible -- if not more so -- for the mark that wound up in the loss column.

Mornhinweg to Colts? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/12/2012
There is the belief that Grigson may want to bring in his own guy. I'm a true believer in the axiom that a head coach and GM have the get along and have the same philosophy for a team to be successful. We've seen the casualties of differing personalties in Kansas City and other NFL outposts. But let's say Mornhinweg is Grigson's guy -- and that's quite a leap -- is the new Colts GM really going to be the one to make a coaching change? Probably not

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