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Theismann: Cardinals "Reached An Awful Lot" On Kevin Kolb

Joe Theismann was a guest on a Seattle radio station yesterday and cautioned the Seahawks against making what he sees as the mistake that Arizona did trading for Kevin Kolb.

Theismann said the Cardinals "reached an awful lot" when they traded for quarterback Kevin Kolb and signed him to a lucrative deal last offseason. He said he thinks Green Bay's Matt Flynn is a better quarterback than Kolb, but that the Seahawks should stick with Jackson for another year.

The Cardinals gave up Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round pick in this year's draft for Kolb. In return they got 9 games, 9 TDs, 8 INTs, and 8 fumbles. There's no doubt that at least in year one, Kolb was a bust for Arizona. Part of that is certainly due to his inability to stay healthy, which is itself due to the Cardinals inability protect him... but the fact is that they no doubt expected more than they got.

Now, there's talk that the Cards could cut bait on Kolb after just one year. The speculation is mostly based on the fact that if they cut him now, they'd avoid paying him a huge $7 million roster bonus and 8 figure salaries in each of the last five years of his deal.

While DRC really didn't start to look good here until the end of the year and we don't know what the Eagles will do with that second round pick, it certainly seems that the Eagles "won" this trade so far. But, the book is certainly not totally written yet.

So two questions for discussion. Do you think that Kolb can become a decent starting QB still? Also, would Kevin Kolb have done a better job than Vince Young as the Eagles backup this year? Keep in mind that if the Eagles had won just one more of Young's starts, they'd be in the playoffs.

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