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What Does Spagnuolo "Returning," "Meeting" Or Whatever Mean?

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Even though Jason LaCanfora's report yesterday turned from Steve Spagnuolo rejoining the Eagles by the end of the week, to expecting to meet with them within the next week or so with no deal or anything in place... it does tell us something. Unless they're meeting with him about a position coach job, does this mean Juan Castillo is out?

Surely Spagnuolo's resume is good enough to get him a defensive coordinator job if he wants it, so it stands to reason that's why they would meet with him. And you wouldn't meet with defensive coordinator candidates unless you're ready to move on from your current one right?

So if this report is true, some decision on Castillo must already have been made.

But then again, there has been no other rumors of the Eagles bringing in or having interest in other defensive coordinator candidates. So is this is a situation where Juan keeps his job unless Spags wants it?

And to heap more baseless speculation on the pile, if Castillo has not already been fired and the team is talking with Spagnuolo, is it safe to say that even if Spags is brought in that Castillo will still be around in some capacity?

Hopefully "within the next week" we'll get some answers.