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DeSean Jackson Apologizes For Handling Of Contract Situation

DeSean Jackson entered this season in the final year of his rookie contract that he had quite clearly outperformed. He and Drew Rosenhaus were of the mind that he had performed to the level of Calvin Johnson or Larry FItzgerald and should be paid as such. The Eagles disagreed and no deal got done. As the season wore on, it became clear that it was affecting Jackson. His production was down, he was suspended for a game after missing a meeting and we even saw some evidence of alligator arms on a few plays.

Jackson said after the game today he could have handled the whole situation better.

"I can admit to certain things affecting me during the season and I just want to apologize or whatever the case may be. Handling that.. Probably could have handled it a little different. But now sitting here when the season's over I can just say that I was able to put it behind me and fight for my teammates and fight for this organization."

What happens next remains to be seen. Even in what we've all agreed is a "down" year, Jackson in truth wasn't all that far off his career averages. In fact, had he played the game where he was suspended, he probably would have nearly equaled them.

Jackson is what he is. He's not Larry Fitzgerald and if he and Rosenhaus continue to think he is, he's probably not going to be back. But he is a playmaker, that much can't be denied. Clearly he does have a good relationship with Andy Reid and his teammates... Whether or not something gets done remains to be seen. He told reporters after the game that he wouldn't have a problem if he was franchise tagged next year and hopes to be back.

"It's kind of out my control, out of my power," he said of his future in general. "I hope that I'll be here. These guys on this team and just the fans, it's home for myself so we'll see how it plays."

Well, DeSean. It's not really out of your control now is it?

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