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Eagles Vs Rams: Will Steve Smith Play This Weekend?

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Steve Smith has been a full go at practice all this week, which for the most part would indicate that he would be ready to play this weekend, but the Eagles have yet to confirm whether the WR will actually be active on Sunday. Marty Mornhinweg met the media yesterday and said Smith has looked good in practice.

"Steve Smith is outstanding. He's one of those players that is very good, first of all, he's talented, has natural instincts, good feel of the game, real smart. Now, he is in the middle of, this week is big for him, in the middle of running routes the routes the way we run them, and the foot precision that we expect. So he's right in the middle of that, but he sure has looked good."

Marty wouldn't give a percentage on where Smith was and says a decision hasn't been made on whether he'll play.

"We'll make that decision a little later in the week, as far as exactly who's playing and who's up and all those type of things, but he sure has shown that he's a fine player."

The Eagles really don't have a glaring need at WR, so it's really no rush to get Smith back. If he's not feeling at or near 100%, I wouldn't expect him to be active. Especially when you consider that Riley Cooper is an important special teams player, so he'll need to be active as well. So unless Smith is able to play a major role, there wouldn't be much of a point in activating all six every WR.

[Update by JasonB, 09/09/11 2:09 PM EDT ] Andy Reid was similarly noncommital about whether Smith will play. He did say that Smith will not be on the injury report however.

"There's a chance he does, yeah." Reid said this afternoon ."There's a chance, but I can't tell you how many snaps or that. But there's a chance he does play."