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Eagles Vs Rams: Jeremy Maclin Returns Home

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Jeremy Maclin's last trip to St Louis went pretty well and he's hoping this weekend's return to his hometown is even half as good. After receiving news early in the summer that he might have lymphoma cancer, Maclin spent the entire summer going through tests in an attempt to rule that diagnosis out. His final battery of tests came in the preseason when flew to St Louis to undergo a procedure performed by a doctor who was a family friend. Maclin was soon given a clean bill of health and now he's happy to return to St Louis under much better circumstances.

"It means a lot. Going back to when I got the news all the way to where I am now, it means a lot." Maclin said "Not only do I get to play, but I get to open the season in my home town. That's pretty special. I'm definitely looking forward to this not only because it's back in my home town but I'm ready for football. In training camp, they really hit on a lot of this stuff but I wasn't really a part of it, so it'll be nice to get back out there and hit somebody else."

Maclin will get the start and he says that he's fully healthy and up to speed, or else he wouldn't be playing.

"You never want to put yourself in a position where you hurt the team. You always have to be honest whether you are hurting and you're tired, and that goes for anyone on the football field. Like I said, my conditioning is fine and everything, so I'll be okay."