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Eagles Still $8 Million Under Cap, Sorry Rest Of NFL

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The Eagles cleaned up in free agency signing/trading for six pro bowers, they paid Michael Vick $100 million and yet according to CSNPhilly's Ruben Frank they're still more than $8 million under the salary cap. From a financial perspective, it really is like they're playing a different game than everyone else in the league.

Roob crunched the numbers which include the all the contracts from the cuts, the pay cuts for Winston Justice & Juqua Parker and the Vick contract (which lowered his cap number) and found that the Eagles are exactly $8,355,094 under the cap. Now that does not include Joselio Hanson's new contract, but he obviously took a pay cut from the $1.88 million he was previously scheduled to make this season. Plus, they saved a few bucks from cutting Trevard Lindley as well.

So the Eagles have more than enough room to do a new deal with DeSean Jackson. Plus, we can all laugh at anyone who tries to argue that the Eagles have "mortgaged their future" this offseason.