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Eagles Extend Akeem Jordan

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If you were making odds for which Eagle would get a contract extension this week, my guess is that Akeem Jordan would not have been among the favorites. However, he is the guy who got a new deal. The Eagles signed Jordan to a two year deal today after giving him a one year contract in the offseason.

And that was it. There really wasn't any further explanation, but the speculation was that it was a cap maneuver of some sort being done to free up room for a new DeSean Jackson contract. However, Jordan was only set to make a little over $500K and the team was actually benefiting from signing a "vet discount" deal where his cap figure was lower than his base salary. So I'm really not certain how this would create any real room for Jackson's new contract.

Maybe, they just see Akeem is a solid veteran that has started and done a decent job, can backup all three positions and figured that was worth locking up for an extra year?