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Fantasy Football TE and DEF Preview

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Hey, everyone, this is the final post of the three part positional preview. This post will break down TEs and DEFs.

Before I start, I once again want to let everyone know that if anyone has a question feel free to email me at birdsfan95@yahoo and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  After the jump my TE Rankings:

Tier 1

A. Gates

Tier 2

J. Finley

O. Daniels

J. Witten

V. Davis

D. Clark

Tier 3

J. Graham

B. Pettigrew

K. Winslow

M. Lewis

Tier 4

C. Cooley

G. Olsen

D. Keller

B. Celek

J. Cook

Tier 5

A. Hernadez

B. Watson

Z. Miller

J. Gresham

T. Heap


The first thing you might notice is that Tier 1 is only 1 player, Antonio Gates. This is because I feel that he is in a class of his own. Last year, even though he was hurt half of the year outscored the rest of the TEs by about 7 points a game. Those numbers give you a huge advantage in week to week matchups.

If I miss out on Gates I am waiting for a bit and trying to grab Texans TE Owen Daniels.  Last year, Daniels averaged 9.5 points per game over the last 4 games, when he was fully healthy, that was the most among TEs during that span. Also, in Daniels last full year healthy he was targeted over 100 times and was the second best fantasy TE if he can stay healthy this year don't be shocked if he finishes top 3.

Dallas Clark is a TE that I'm down on and for the most part, it isn't his fault. With more and more bad news about Peyton Manning coming out, the more I want nothing to do with the Colts. Clark was is coming off a season ending injury and the combination of that along with Kerry Collins throwing the football makes me stay away from Clark.

Last year one of the top fantasy TEs turned out to be Mercedes Lewis of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He accounted for 700 yards and 10 TDs. In 2009 Visanthe Shiancoe had a similar seasons scoring 11 TDs.  Last year, Shiancoe had 2 while, I don't think Lewis will do that bad I do think he will have a serious touchdown regression. Players that rely so heavily on TDs and ones I generally try to avoid because of how unpredictable TDs can be.


DEF Rankings

Tier 1



Tier 2






Tier 3







I have the same strategy about defenses every year: Don't take one early. I already explained in my first post how unpredictable defensives are and you don't want to be the guy that passed on the possible superstar for a defense.

2 defensives that I love, that you can get late are the Patriots and the Lions. Both have huge upside and you can get them both near the end of a draft (I got the Pats in a league in the 2nd to last round).  

If, for some reason, you feel that you need a top defense the Packers and the Steelers are in a class of their own. Again, I don't feel like this is a strong strategy but if defense is important to you I would target those 2 defensives.

I honestly don't think its necessary to rank the kickers because it really is so random and unpredictable just draft the one of like in the last year.

That's all for this post. Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to email me any other Fantasy Football questions to