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Familiar Faces Are Popping Up on the Eagles Practice Squad

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According to CSNPhilly's Reuben Frank, the Eagles have brought back three players who they released yesterday to join their 2011 practice squad.

WR/RB/PR Chad Hall makes his second annual appearance on the PS after spending eight games on the active roster last season. He just barely makes the eligibility cut. Although Hall demonstrated during the preseason that he was a shaky option at punt returner, look for the Eagles to call him back to active duty at the first sign of trouble with their wide receiver corps.

LB Greg Lloyd and FB Stanley Havili, both 2011 seventh round picks, were the only two draft acquisitions who didn't make the Eagles roster. It comes as little surprise that they were both given a second shot by the front office.

[Update by Bob_Q, 09/03/11 3:20 PM EDT ] OL Dallas Reynolds will be the fourth former Eagle to make this year's practice squad. After joining the team in 2009 as an undrafted rookie, Reynolds has spent the last two seasons on the PS. The Eagles now have only four more spots to fill.

[Update by Bob_Q, 09/03/11 3:30 PM EDT ] DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim has also been added to the practice squad. The Eagles now have only three more spots to fill. Look for the newly released Cedric Thornton to be one of the signees.