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Michael Vick: "I've Played Through Worse"

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Michael Vick met the media today and not surprisingly the main topic of conversation was his ailing hand. He says that it still hurts, but he's played through worse

"I mean, it's sore, it's real sore. But you know what, I feel like I've played through worse and I think the most important thing is to just go out and play and be conscience of protecting it but at the same time just letting it all go. And if it's too much that I can't bear and something's really wrong, then I'll probably come out of the game but hopefully not. I keep saying my prayers and hopefully things will work out."

Vick clearly thinks that by getting out there whether he's 100% or not is how he's going to build the trust of his teammates.

"Just like last week, I had a concussion, you know, all week last week it was a rough week, but I want to hold myself accountable. I feel like every Sunday is a time for me to go out and display what I've been put on this earth to do and I won't do it selfishly. If I can't be out there, then I won't be out there, but I want to show my teammates that they can count on me in times of need. And you know, I just love playing this game and I love playing with them."

He's tough, there's no doubt about that... But you just have to hope he's not more tough than smart. Certainly part of being out there for your guys every week is playing hurt, but a larger part is doing your best to make sure you don't get hurt. That means getting rid of the ball quicker and not letting yourself get so beat up.