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Seahawks Reportedly Trying To Trade Aaron Curry

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The Eagles are in clear need of a LB, so when news leaks out of one on the market, it's probably at least worth discussing. PFT is reporting that the Seahawks are shopping former #4 overall pick Aaron Curry.

The source says that the Seahawks are talking to at least three teams regarding a possible trade.  The names of the teams to whom the Seahawks are talking are not yet known.

Curry is a strong side LB, or at least he was until a rookie 4th round pick, K.J. Wright, took his job last week. Curry has been relegated to a bench/special teams player. So besides the fact that Curry looks like a pretty big bust at this point and hasn't really shown that he's any good, there's other problems as well. He's wildy overpaid. Curry makes $5 million in base salary this year and is a free agent after next year.

So given his bloated salary, the fact that he's only signed for one more year and he kind of stinks, it's not likely that the Seahawks can expect much in trade for him. For the Eagles, taking on his salary could also basically rule out any chance of an extension for DeSean Jackson this year, but given the way DeSean played and what he seems to want, maybe he's already doing that himself...

At 6-2, 255 he's certainly not lacking in size, which is something the Eagles could use in their LB corps. The trading deadline is October 18th. Is this is a deal worth exploring? How cheap would Curry have to come to make it worth rolling the dice on him?