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Roseman: Phillip Hunt Beat Out Daniel Te’o-Nesheim

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One of the surprising cuts the Eagles made today was last year's third round pick Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. Of course, the biggest surprise was that the team would cut bait on a 3rd round pick so fast, but as Howie Roseman said today, it just came down to Phillip Hunt coming here and taking the job.

"Well, I think what we looked at was the job that [DE] Phillip Hunt did here in the preseason. We wanted to make sure that we stayed based on what the film was telling us and kind of reacted off that. This is a guy in every game that he played was making a difference rushing the passer, and obviously he was successful in the CFL, and he's a guy that we liked coming out of the University of Houston. I think it's a testament to him that he came in here and had the production that he did and everyday he came to play. It's no slight on Te'o, but more of, really, the camp that Phillip Hunt had."

As the guy who drafted DTO, it had to be a bit of an ego hit for Howie to cut him.. but holding onto a guy who showed less than another a guy just because of ego would be an even bigger mistake than the original pick. Kudos to Howie for seeing that.

"Well I think for us, we just want to be true to the process. We don't want to keep guys on the roster just because of where they're drafted. We always talk about ‘let's make sure we get the players right.' So we don't care where we get them from; whether we get them from waivers, from trades, from the CFL, from the AFL, let's just make sure we have the players. If you let ego get in the way and you make a decision based on that instead of what's best for the team, I don't think that really helps your football team or your organization."