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Eagles Roster By The Numbers

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The Eagles have whittled their roster down to 53 after a flurry of cuts today. Undoubtedly though, they will have some interest in the hundreds of players cut today and a few of the guys who "made the team" today may not be here by Monday or Tuesday. So if we look at the roster by position, we might see some spots where they are heavy or light, which gives us a hint where moves could still be made.

The offense is pretty well balanced numbers wise.

QB (3), RB (4), WR (5), TE (2), OL (9)

The defense has some areas that could be considered heavy.

DE (5), DT (5), LB (6), CB (6), S (5) Specialists (3)

I would say that there's an extra DT and an an extra corner in there. There's five safeties, but one is Colt Anderson, who is almost only special teams player. The DTs seem extra stocked because they decided to keep Cedric Thornton, but they've had injuries at that position all during camp, so it does make some sense that they kept an extra guy there.

Corner is the spot where it would seem like they have an extra guy. Brandon Hughes was a bit of a surprise to make the team and while I know the Eagles like him, he could certainly be a guy on the way out if they wanted to add another player, potentially a punt returner in the next week. Of course, Trevard Lindley could be a candidate to be cut as well.