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Eagles Preseason Wrapup, Do We Have Na Brown Award Winner?

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The 2011 preseason is now over and most importantly the Eagles came out basically unscathed. Teams all around the league have lost players for the season and certainly we know that in years' passed the Eagles have suffered major injuries in preseason. But this year, they've stayed healthy. In fact, the only presumed starter that won't be ready to go for the start of the year is Winston Justice and he's still getting over offseason knee surgery.

The Eagles also led the league in a couple categories in preseason. They actually led the entire NFL with 19 sacks and were the only team in the NFC to not allow a single rushing touchdown. The Eagles also out passed, out ran, outgained, outscored, got more sacks, more first downs, converted more third downs, scored more TDs and had more time of possession than all their preseason opponents. In fact, the only statistical category that the Eagles did not better their opponents in preseason was turnovers. The Eagles had a -5 turnover ratio in the preseason.

Mike Kafka led the team in passing, Dion Lewis led in rushing and Chad Hall led them in catches and yards. Kurt Coleman easily led the team in tackles followed by Jarrad Page and Brian Rolle. Phillip Hunt led the team in sacks with 3, followed by Brian Rolle with 2.5. Jaiquawn Jarrett, Asante Samuel and Jarrad Page all had an INT a piece.

But did we see a breakout unknown player? Every year we try to find our Na Brown award winner for the previously unknown guy/later pick that turns heads at camp or in preseason. This year, there really wasn't an obvious guy. DeAndre Brown was well on his way there as people were all excited about how tall he was despite the fact that he didn't do anything... but he was cut early in camp. So did anyone stand out?

Dion Lewis looked good in all three preseason games and he was a 5th round pick... He could be a candidate.