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Jets Announcers Don't Understand NFL Rules

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Perhaps you can blame the NFL for changing these rules so much recently, but I'm still amazed at how many people do not understand what exactly constitutes an illegal hit now. Take this hit on Riley Cooper in the final preseason game.

The Jets announcer doesn't believe it should be a penalty because the Jets DB did not lead with his helmet. In previous years, that might have been true. However, now it is not. Here are the two elements of the new rule that make that hit a textbook case of a personal foul.

A defenseless receiver is one attempting or completing a catch without having time to ward off or avoid contact. CHECK.

A defenseless receiver can not be hit above the shoulders. CHECK

So to put it logic form. IF a receiver is defenseless AND you hit said receiver above the shoulders THEN it is illegal.

There's really not even a question as to whether that was an illegal hit and frankly someone calling an NFL game should know that. It's one thing to disagree with the rule and feel that such a hit should not be illegal. However, it's not defensible as an announcer to simply not know the rule and still think the only illegal hits are ones made with the helmet.