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The Linc - Does Brian Rolle Deserve A Starting Job?

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Eagles Vs 49ers Injury Report: Frank Gore Limited, Michael Vick A Full Go - SB Nation Philly
For the 49ers, Frank Gore was a limited participant and they’re still being mum on whether he will be able to play with his ankle injury. Also limited were starters Michael Crabtree (foot) and Donte Whitner (hip).

Eagles' Jackson lacks elite stats | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/28/2011
DESEAN JACKSON wants a new contract that will make him one of the highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL, and the sentiment of most Eagles fans is that the team should hurry up and give it to the little guy because: a) it's not their money; and b) he's pretty damn good.

What Rolle has shown in three games | Philly | 09/28/2011
Last week, Brian Rolle played 15 snaps. His blitz up the middle led to a Trent Cole sack. The Eagles have only blitzed 16 times in three games, but according to Pro Football Focus, Rolle has been part of eight of those blitzes. It'll be interesting to see how much Juan Castillo sends him after Alex Smith against the Niners.

Twitter feud sparks fight between Philadelphia Eagles beat writers - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
A war of words on Twitter between two Philadelphia Eagles beat writers escalated into a physical altercation Wednesday, with one writer landing a punch to his counterparts head. *This is national news?!

Philadelphia Eagles: Dream Team? Maybe Not, But Let's Not Panic Just Yet - Technorati Football
This was actually written by Mike Patterson's agent.

Former NFL referee: Vick should not be receiving calls - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
"The difference between Brady and Manning and then Michael Vick, is that he doesn't stay in the pocket. Once he gets out there, out of the pocket, he's a runner, not a quarterback," Tunney told Yahoo! Sports. "And in today's NFL, what happens is that you end up getting hit — you're not just getting tackled you're going to get hit and gang-tackled. Michael Vick is subject to what's going on in the NFL today. He's a target."