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Who Is Our Boldest Eagles Fan?

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We posted a few weeks ago looking for nominees in our Guinness Boldest fan contest. Here's who you nominated and why.

JIBTA - "He is the most passionate, rational, intelligent, Eagles loving fan, I’ve ever come across." - Eaglesgrl5

BigBlueIntervention - "for being bold enough to admit he admires our team and fans. Obviously a ‘closet fan’ His ginas still suk however. That is all." - JJeaglerooter

PhiladelphiaEagles - "Me, duh!" - PhiladelphiaEagles

Eagledelphia - "It has to be Eagladelphia…." - Eagladelphia

Lip-out - "He would rather have Michael Vick at quarterback then Eli Manning, even if Vick were throwing right-handed" - Lip-out

Dickmuffin - "at some point tomorrow when the 24 hour waiting period is up, there’s gonna be like 50 posts all for the same person, and the suprise will be that they all come from the same IP address. And they’ll hall have names like: Dickmuffin1 Dickmuffin2 Dickmuffin3" - SGTSteve

WildEagle - "Has good football knowledge (check) Is a relentless pain in the ass but for the good fight (check) Is violent, a key piece to being an Eagles fan, (check) Has shown growth as a contributor (check)" - Talontalent

I'm personally adding JoeD and d-jackfan10 to the vote, just because they should be in a poll of Bold BGNers.

Vote after the jump.