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The Linc - Vick's Hits, Castillo Talks And Matthews Headed To The Bench?

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Philadelphia Eagles team report: Casey Matthews could get benched - NFL - Sporting News
Brian Rolle, a rookie sixth-round pick, saw an increase in snaps in the base defense and looked impressive in camp as a coverage linebacker. At 5-9, Rolle could be a liability against the run but the team can’t do any worse right now.

Antrel on Eagles' scuffle: "I am not a punk" - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
"I felt like they were cheap-shotting a little bit, they kept trying to put their hand up in my facemask and kept grinding after the play," Rolle said. "I just had to let them know that I am not a pushover, I am not a punk under any means and sometimes you have to put your foot down. Even if it costs you a little bit, sometimes it has to be done."

Examining the 13 hits Vick took Sunday | Philly | 09/26/2011
I went back, looked at every snap Vick played Sunday and counted 13 hits. That's 13 times when a Giants defender put Vick on the ground at Lincoln Financial Field.

A Q&A with Eagles DC Juan Castillo
Safe to say the first three games of his career as a defensive coordinator have not gone quite as well as Juan Castillo hoped.

Jim Harbaugh says Frank Gore is 'good to go' for game against Eagles - San Francisco San Francisco 49ers |
Running back Frank Gore, who injured his ankle against the Bengals, is expected to play on Sunday, according to Harbaugh. "He wasn't wearing a boot," Harbaugh said of his running back's status. "In my mind, Frank's good to go. We'll play him, and scheme, and prepare him for this game."