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Eagles Broken In 29-16 Loss To Giants

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There's no sugarcoating this one folks, the Eagles look absolutely terrible in all facets of the game this afternoon as the Giants snapped their 6 game losing streak to the Birds with a 29-16 win. We'll start first with the injuries as it seems like the Giants brought their injury bug into Philly and infected the Eagles with it. The big one is obviously the broken hand for Michael Vick. It seemed to happen on a play in the 3rd quarter and Vick went into the locker-room for x-rays. He did return and continue playing however, leading the Eagles on the drive that gave them their first lead. However, on the ensuing drive, it was Mike Kafka who led the team out (and threw a pick on his first attempt). Also injured were Jeremy Maclin (hamstring), Riley Cooper (concussion) and Kyle Devan.

Now to the game. There was one player who was really good in this game. That was LeSean McCoy. He ran all over the Giants to the tune of 128 yards and a TD while also setting a career high in carries. Otherwise, it was pretty much all bad. The coaching decisions were absolutely terrible, with none worse than the decision to go for it on 4th down from midfield in the 4th. The Eagles failed to convert and the Giants scored the go-ahead TD on the ensuing drive.

The offense was bad. Michael Vick was once again hit time and time again and frankly didn't look entirely healthy all day. Steve Smith did his old team a solid by gifting the Giants the first turnover of the game when he let a pass bounce right off his hands into those of Aaron Ross. It took at least three points away from the Eagles and led to a Giants TD. The defense was again very poor any time the team really needed a stop. This has become a bit of a recurring theme. They sacked Eli Manning three times and had some great three and out series... but any time the Eagles really needed a stop, whether it was after a turnover or late in the game, they failed. And when they fail, they do it big. We're not talking about FGs here, we're talking about TDs every single time. It was the exact same story last week.

And if I can't rant for a second... I was going nuts at the awful analysis from the Fox booth today. Time and time again Daryl Johnston praised the Giants for their brilliant play designs attacking the Eagles "wide nine system." Nonsense. Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs were simply breaking tackles. You can't show a highlight where Bradshaw runs through two separate arm tackles and then tell me how it was all down to great play design. It was great execution form Bradshaw and shocking tackling from the Eagles. And don't take this as some kind of defense from me when I say it's the players not the system or scheme. This is much worse. You can tweak systems and schemes. If your guys can't make tackles, there's not much you can do to fix that.

The Eagles were simply outplayed and outcoached by a team that I think most would agree is not as talented as them. That's the bottom line. It's inexcusable and now we've got serious questions going forward. This defense is officially not good. The offense now has to be a question with Vick hurt.