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Eagles Vs Giants News And Notes

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The Eagles play their first game at the Linc this season, which actually ties it for the latest home game in team history. Before today, the latest was a game against the Cowboys on September 25th, 1971. The Eagles will be looking for their seventh straight win over the New York Football Giants.

Michael Vick has been cleared and will make the start today, preventing the Eagles from starting more than one QB for the 9th time in Andy Reid's 12-year tenure.

Anytime Asante Samuel faces a Manning always seems to be a big day. The Eagles pro bowl CB has picked off the Manning bros seven times in his career, four from Eli and three from Peyton.

DeSean Jackson has also made it a habit of making big plays against the Giants. Of course we all know his "walk off" punt return (the first in NFL history) but did you know that all four of his career TDs against the Giants have come from greater than 30 yards out?

You wanna talk about a big career against the Giants? Eagles DE Trent Cole has played the Giants 14 times and registered 7 sacks, 75 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 INT, and 1 TD.

The Giants will be without WRs Mario Manningham and Domenic Hixon, but their single season receptions leader will be on the field. Unfortunately, he will be playing for the Eagles. Steve Smith set that mark in 2009 with 107 receptions.