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Gameday Lincs - Ghosts Of The Meadowlands

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Eagles great Joyner excited to hear cheers one more time
Seth Joyner will return to Philadelphia to be honored by the Eagles on Sunday and the former ferocious linebacker is appreciative of the franchise's gesture.

NY Giants' banged-up defense has tough task with Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick
Perry Fewell sees his defense in the midst of smothering Michael Vick and the Eagles' high-powered offense. Then he sees them suddenly, inexplicably forgetting how to tackle, cover, and even pressure the quarterback. He sees Vick and his dangerous array of weapons running open and untouched all over the field.

New York Giants: DeSean Jackson's memorable punt return last season still stings Big Blue - ESPN New York
They say they have seen it. They say they've overcome it. And they say they've moved on from it. But deep down they know they are a part of history. A part of history that has been well-documented and will be scrutinized, dissected and second-guessed for years to come. Deep down they know it hurts, stings and eats at them.

NFL Sunday: Five things to watch | National Football Post
Eli Manning vs. the Eagles: The Giants' QB looked shaky in the Monday night win over the Rams, but why not give him some help with the running game? Lead with Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, control the tempo of the game and keep the Eagles offense off the field. This gives the Giants opportunities to take vertical shots down the field in the play action game and it also keeps Manning out of 3rd and long situations vs. the Philly CBs. And when that happens, the Giants can lean on the short to intermediate passing game to move the sticks.

Giants' Steve Weatherford hoping to punt to sideline, not to Eagles' DeSean Jackson |
"Yeah, I mean we’re going to do our best to put the ball on the sidelines or out of bounds and limit the room he has to work with," Weatherford said. "Ideally, I’d like to have the ball out of bounds. That’s what Coach (Tom) Coughlin’s looking for. But getting the ball outside the numbers on the sidelines is going to be important if you’re not able to get it out of bounds."