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Fantasy Football Rankings Week 3

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From undrafted to top 10 fantasy QB that's this week's bold prediction.
From undrafted to top 10 fantasy QB that's this week's bold prediction.

Last Week's Bold Prediction: Coming off one of the worst games of his career, Big Ben torches the seattle defense finishing a top 5 QB.

Result: Big Ben finished outside the top 15 and didn't top 300 yards or throw more than 1 TD. Bad Call. 

On a side note, I told everyone to pick up Eric Decker and for anyone that listened to me you may have found this years breakout player. 

This Week's Bold Prediction: Two QBs that went undrafted in most leagues, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Rex Grossman, both throw for over 300 yards and at least 2 scores finishing in the top 10 for Fantasy QBs this week. 

This Week's Sleeper Picks: This is a new section I'm adding where I will give you a guy outside my top 20 or so that I think could have a big week. 

QB: Matt Hasselbeck 

RB: Dexter McCluster

WR: Deion Branch

TE:Jared Cook

Also, Feel Free to Email any Questions All Weekend Long to

Full position by position rankings are after the jump.

P. Rivers L. McCoy C. Johnson A. Gates Eagles
A. Rodgers R. Rice A. Johnson J. Finley Chargers
T. Brady A. Peterson L. Fitzgerald R. Gronkowski Steelers
M. Stafford R. Mendenhall V. Jackson O. Daniels Jets
M. Vick C. Johnson D. Jackson J. Graham Lions
D. Brees M. Turner K. Britt J. Witten Ravens
M. Schaub D. McFadden M. Wallace F. Davis Cardinals
C. Newton M. Jones-Drew S. Smith V. Davis 49ers
J. Freeman M. Forte G. Jennings D. Keller Packers
R. Fitzpatrick P. Hills R. White G. Olsen Falcons
R. Grossman B. Tate J. Maclin B. Pettigrew Redskins
K. Kolb F. Jackson B. Marshall K. Winslow Browns
M. Ryan T. Hightower D. Bryant D. Clark Titans
B. Roethlisberger F. Gore S. Holmes Z. Miller Cowboys
J. Flacco A. Bradshaw M. Williams E. Dickson Bears
J. Cutler R. Mathews W. Welker T. Gonzalez  
S. Bradford J. Best S. Johnson J. Gresham  
M. Sanchez L. Blount S. Moss S. Chandler  
C. McCoy S. Greene H. Nicks E. Moore  
C. Henne S. Jackson R. Wayne J. Cook  
  C. Benson A. Boldin    
  J. Starks N. Burelson    
  T. Jones AJ Green    
  B. Green-Ellis D. Bowe    
  D. Williams E. Decker    
  M. Tolbert P. Harvin    
  D. Thomas R. Meacham    
  J. Addai D. Branch    
  W. McGahee B. Lloyd    
  D. Sporles P. Burress    
  M. Ingram M. Sims-Walker    
  R. Bush D. Henderson    
  M. Lynch M. Thomas    
  J. Stewart J. Jones (ATL)    
  P. Thomas D. Nelson    
  M. Bush L. Moore    
  D. Woodhead J. Nelson    
  D. McCluster J. Knox    
  D. Carter D.McCluster    
  CJ Spiller B. Gibson