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The Linc - Reggie White And Jerome Brown "A Football Life" Episode Coming

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Reggie White Jerome Brown
Reggie White Jerome Brown

Reggie White and Jerome Brown: First Look : NFL Films Blog
The next installment of "A Football Life" features Jerome Brown and Reggie White.

GQ Guest blogger Jeremy Maclin on the Eagles' Tough Loss to the Falcons and the Myth of the NFL Off Day: The Q: GQ
Jeremy Maclin talks about what his week after a game is like.

Vince Young impostor arrested | ProFootballTalk
The Prince George’s County Police Department has announced that a man named Stephan Pittman has been arrested on felony fraud charges for impersonating Young. The man was arrested without incident.

Eagles Fullback Is Forceful, Not Flashy -
In the Philadelphia Eagles’ locker room, a succession of stalls along one wall includes spaces for the high-profile stars DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Steve Smith. Owen Schmitt takes his place in the middle. The contrast between the brand-name players and Schmitt, a bearded, barrel-chested fullback, is striking.

Coach challenges are often based on how quickly network cameras show replays - The Washington Post
Andy Reid hangs onto that red challenge flag more than any coach in the NFL, so it’s no surprise he didn’t throw it following a questionable interception during the Eagles’ 35-31 loss at Atlanta last Sunday night. Turns out the problem wasn’t Reid’s reluctance to lose a precious timeout early in the third quarter. His staff simply didn’t see a conclusive replay in time to tell him to challenge the call because NBC’s cameras didn’t show quickly enough. This wasn’t the first time this has happened to Philadelphia, either.

Didinger: Eagles-Giants Scouting Report
Ray Didinger previews Eagles-Giants, where he says the Birds should have success through the air against Michael Coe and New York's banged-up secondary.

Eagles defensive ends Tapp and Parker to miss game against Giants | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/23/2011
The Eagles will be without two of their top defensive ends Sunday when they play the Giants in their home opener. Darryl Tapp (torn pectoral muscle) and Juqua Parker (high ankle sprain) were both ruled out for Sunday's game, coach Andy Reid said.