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Mornhinweg: Michael Vick Preparing Like Normal

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[Update by JimmyK, 09/22/11 4:53 PM EDT ] - Vick was evaluated by a neurosurgeon and was cleared to play.

While Michael Vick has not been a full participant in practice this week, he is otherwise preparing to play like nay other week. According to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, it's been mostly like a normal week with Vick.

"Really, he's been in mostly every meeting, and so all of that has been normal routine, unless he's had a doctor appointment or [head athletic trainer] Rick [Burkholder] needed him or something like that, but otherwise it's been routine for him."

However, if Vick can't play, Marty was asked if he would have a different gameplan depending on which QB (Kafka or Vince Young) play? His answer was actually surprising.

‘Well, the unique thing that we have, although I've been through it before, is a left-hander and two right-handers. So that's a little bit different, otherwise it's very manageable. That's what we do, we prepare ourselves, and then if at any position if a man is unavailable, then the next man comes in a plays just as well or even better. That's what the expectations are, and so that's what we do. But other than a left-hander and a right-hander it's business as usual there."

That's actually something I hadn't considered. That basically everything they would have planned to do with rollout plays and what not, would be flipped with a righty at QB. It also would alter most of what the defense would do. Generally defenses will try to bring pressure to force Vick to roll out to his right, however they will flip all those blitzes if there was a righty at QB. Obviously the preparation for those blitzes has to be different.

Marty added that there's no doubt that Vick wants to play this weekend

"Oh absolutely, yeah. He has a great mentality, he looks great so we'll see. Like you said, it's not quite all in his hands, so we'll see."