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WFAN's Mike Francesa LOVES the Eagles

On my drive home from my "real" job yesterday evening, Justin Tuck was coming onto Mike Francesa's afternoon show, so I broke out the recorder just in case Tuck said something crazy.  Instead, what I was treated to was Francesca belaboring the point to death that the Eagles are good.  If you've ever listened to Mike Francesa over a period of time, you know how he loves to beat points into the ground, dig them up, and beat them into the ground some more.  And he did that in spades during the Tuck interview.  I mean... These aren't even questions.  He just continuously talked about how good the Eagles are, leaving Tuck to politely agree... over and over again.  Francesa's quotes, and there are quite a few:

I will say this: The Falcons had no shot when Vick was in the game. I mean that is a scary... if that offensive line and that left tackle, is gonna play that well with their offense, that is a scary offense with him in the game. That is an electric offense.

I mean it really is very tough, especially playing your position. He takes that quick deep drop and you obviously have to play that contain game with him, and then he gives the ball to the back (LeSean McCoy) deep, and the back is so fast, he beats you guys around the corner. I mean he... it's a very tough... you gotta stay obviously patient and disciplined, and they have so much speed in so many places. It's a very impressive offense on a lot of levels. It really is.

They turn more plays that look like negative plays into positive plays. Their back (McCoy) does that, (Vick) does that. They look like you have them pinned, they make a spin, they make a move, and now they're on their way the other way and they're turning what looked like negative plays into 15-20 yard plays.

And it's funny, watching the Falcons actually kick him the ball as the game ended, I'm like "hey do you guys not remember?" I mean they, they booted the ball down the middle to him. They got in high enough where he didn't return it, but I mean it's just... you do worry, because... they have 3 or 4 players that are just about as electric as anybody anywhere.

Have fun this week chasing Mr. Vick and friends around.  This is one week where you earn your... you know sometimes you get paid well. This week you earn every, ev-ry penny on every down, because this a rough... boy I'll tell you, they were about to put a 40 on Atlanta before (Vick) left that game. I mean they are a good looking group this year.

And then even after the Tuck segment ended, Francesa continued:

That is as hard an offense, and if that offensive line plays well, and last week that left tackle (Jason Peters) played out of this world, and if they play well on the offensive line, and they have Howard Mudd there... Their offensive line looked great last week, their defensive line is very improved, their secondary is excellent.  It's a good football team.  The Giants are going to have to play a lot better than they did last Sunday if they're going to go into Philly and win, Vick or no Vick.  And if Vick's there, I don't know how many teams are going into Philly this year and winning if Vick's at full strength.  Because... man... are they hard, I mean it's just like you almost get the idea on certain plays where there's no answer for the defense.  If they come, they're going this way, if not, they're going this way. If you do this, we'll that. If you do this, we'll do that. And they just have so much speed at the point of attack it's crazy.  They are, you know they have 3 or 4 of the most electrifying players... their back (McCoy) is enormously underrated, both Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson are scary fast, and then of course Vick, who is one of the great athletes you've seen in the NFL in many, many years.  If it's 3rd and 5, and Vick wants to run for a first down, he's going to run for a first down.  I don't care what you try to do. There's nothing you can do. You just hope he doesn't run for a touchdown.  Back after this.

Had my drive been longer, I probably would have been treated to Giants fans calling in to argue with Francesa about his take on the Eagles, but sadly, it was my turn to make dinner, so I missed it.