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Vince Young Imposter Conning People In Maryland

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Vince Young revealed yesterday that there has been an imposter masquerading as him in the Maryland/DC area. Young's management agency says that this guy has been collecting appearance fees as well as "conning" various other people as he claimed to be Young.

"I heard that he has been taking money, taking pictures with little kids at hospitals," Young said on Monday. "It's been real sick."

It is kind of odd that no one questioned why "Vince Young" was doing random appearances in Prince George's County, Maryland while he simultaneously in Philadelphia with the Eagles... But I guess this guy must really look like Vince Young. No doubt this is part of the ugly side of sports and celebrity and it must be very frustrating for Vince Young. So, I guess keep an eye out if you're down that way?

And one more thing, Young released a video statement warning everyone about the imposter. It's after the jump. Take not of how sweaty he gets over the course of the one minute video. The guy goes from bone dry to having sweat literally dripping off him by the end.