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Eagles Vs Jets: Which Questions Were Answered?

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Prior to last night's game we listed four things to watch for. Well, we've watched it and here's what we saw.

How does Danny Watkins look?

Some good and bad, but overall you would have to say it was a solid effort. He had a couple rough snaps early on including one where Aaron Maybin got by he and Mike McGlynn for a hurry. It wasn't clear whose man he was, but neither guy stopped him. Otherwise, he really looked a lot more solid than last week and actually was a big plus in the run game on a number of of those impressive Dion Lewis runs. Watkins' says any extra playing time is good as he and all the other rookies continue to play catchup.

"Like I said, the more experience for me, the better. We didn’t have the rookie OTAs or anything like that, so I’m just trying to make up for lost time."

How were the rookie kickers?

Not good from Alex Henery, who was finally asked to kick a 40+ yarder and missed it. However, he did rebound and hit a 49 yarder later in the game. His talent and leg have never really been in question, for him as with all young kickers it's really all about consistency. Chas Henry seems to have settled right in from day one and looks like he'll do a fine job this year.

Vince Young

Really good. Moved the team really well and led two TD drives. Would have scored a third on his own if he didn't pull his hammy on that play he got hurt.

Does anyone emerge in the return game?

Dion Lewis had a 40 yard kick return to start the game and given how well he played otherwise, that could mean a spot for him on the active gameday roster. Sinorice Moss seems to have eclipsed Chad Hall as a punt returner, so that could be a factor if the Eagles decide to keep another WR and it's one of those two... Thing is, I don't think punt returning is going to get anyone on this team. DeSean Jackson will still be considered the "primary" punt return man, so really they just need someone to take the kicks DeSean doesn't. These will not be high leverage returns and likely ones that are headed down near the end zone. You really don't need a specialist for that.