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NBC Apologizes For Lack Of Replay On Atlanta INT

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Plenty of replay on this pick! (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Plenty of replay on this pick! (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Falcons safety Kelvin Hayden intercepted Michael Vick in the third quarter of last night's game or at least, that's what the refs called it. Several minutes later, NBC finally got a replay of the pick and it clearly showed that the ball hit the ground and bounced into Hayden's hands. The Eagles did not challenge the call simply because they had no replays to show otherwise.

Atlanta would score a touchdown on the ensuing possession. A TD that should have never happened and obviously had a dramatic impact on a game decided by four points. At his day after press conference this afternoon, Andy Reid said that he got an apology from NBC for the lack of replay of the non-pick.

It really is especially galling when you consider the super slo-motion, ultra close up replays that NBC had for both the Tony Gonzalez TD and the Roddy White TD as well as the Asante Samuel interception. There's really no excuse for the crew on hand for the game to not get a replay of a game changing play with any kind of haste. Plus, it really does make you wonder why coaches are basically at the whim of TV producers in judging crucial plays in a game.

There's no doubt that Atlanta made plays and the loss last night revealed problems that we know the Eagles defense has. Plus, the Eagles had opportunities to win this game in spite of the gaffe... But let's not also forget that the Falcons were also the recipients of a lot of good luck and this is the greatest example of that.