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Cowboys Fan Stun Guns Jets Fans, No One Seems To Care

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If one fan were to look at another weird in Philadelphia, it would no doubt make national news. Because you know, we're total animals and the worst fans ever. Never mind that far uglier fan incidents have occurred in LA, the Bay Area and New York than have ever occurred here... But you know, we once threw snowballs at Santa Clause 40 years ago.

The difference is, throwing snowballs at Santa is something funny people can joke about. If you brought up Dodgers fans nearly beating a man to death for being a Giants fan... suddenly things aren't so funny.

Of course, the most recent Philly fan incident, which was really nothing, was the kid who ran on the field at a Phillies game and got tazed by ridiculously overzealous police. That obviously made national headlines. But when something similar happens in New York, on the anniversary of 9-11 mind you, it really didn't.

Prior the week one season opener between Dallas and New York, Cowboys fan Leroy McKelvey decided that not only would he sit make a call on his cell phone during the national anthem, but during the moment of silence for the victims of 9-11, he got up and yelled "c'mon, let's get the game started." A few guys, who also happened to be ex Marines, in his section took offense and started arguing with the guy.

So he electrocuted them. No threats or anything, just started zapping people. He got three guys before other people in the crowd could subdue him. He was later arrested. This is shocking, there's no other way to put it. Not only is it a shocking failure on the part of the Jets security to allow someone with a stun gun in the game, but it's a terrible fan incident that hasn't gotten nearly the coverage that the dopey Phillies fan who got tazed did.

Oh and guess what Dallas fans? You never get to stereotype about Eagles fans again.