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Is Jeremy Maclin Poised For A Breakout Against Falcons?

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Jeremy Maclin's career is still just basically getting underway as he heads into his third year, but so far he seems to be emerging as somewhat of a Falcons killer. The Eagles will play the Falcons for the third straight year this week and in the previous two contests, Maclin has come up big.

In his rookie year, Maclin caught four passes for 83 yards at the Georgia Dome, including a 56 yarder. He also returned a punt 27 yards in that game.

Last year, in a week 6 game at the Linc, Maclin was flat out dominant. He nabbed seven catches for 159 yards and a pair of TDs

With a game under his belt to get back up to speed, in that dome in Atlanta, is Maclin poised for his first breakout game of the year?