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This Week In Marty Mornhinweg: Things Are Great!

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Marty Mornhinweg is nothing if not positive and every week he seems to find a new way to express it. Three weeks ago, everything was outstanding. Last week, things were excellent. This week, they're grrreat!

"With the last ball game, sometimes strange things happen in the first ball games. We tried to anticipate some of the strange things but some strange things still happened and that bothers me. There were some great plays, great execution, and then there was some bad football. We have to get several things corrected, and we're right in the middle of doing that. We have another great challenge going to another dome against a heck of a football team, especially when they're playing at home. They have excellent pass rushers, very good linebackers, and a good secondary. We have a great challenge and a great opportunity as well."

Can you guess how he thought the offense played last week?

"Going back to last week, there were some great plays with great execution and there were other plays that we gained yards on but we didn't do it the right way. The players want to do it the right way. We were off a little bit on a handful of plays, and to be great, you have to be more consistent than that. We're going to work hard to prepare and we'll try to get better every day, and then every week we'll see it on gameday."

And just a few more after the jump for good measure. Fifteen times in all.

On how QB Michael Vick has improved his game since he first got here:

"Because he is such a determined, hard working man and he's willing to do whatever it takes, he made great strides early playing the quarterback position. As you know, he came in and he was one of the great, dynamic players in the game right away.

On whether RB LeSean McCoy is reaching the point where his game is comparable to Brian Westbrook:

"A little unfair to do that with Brian Westbrook because you know what I think about Brian. He was one of the great ones all around.

On whether it will take Vick a few games to trust the offensive line?

I would expect Mike to have a great trust in them already. Whatever happens, you have to have 100% trust in the players around you and that's what should occur. You see that even the greatest ones who have ever played the game, it affects them

On whether he will work with Vick to try make sure he doesn't try to do too much against Atlanta:

"He's already been back once and that was my point there, but I'm sure those emotions will be there. He's got to deal with that, but he has great experience dealing with things so I would expect him to do that."