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Eagles Getting Sacks Without Blitzing

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The biggest problem with the defense in the later Jim Johnson years was their inability to get sacks without bringing one of JJ's many exotic blitzes. Plus, if I may dare to criticize the great JJ, he did seem to blitz even more often than he had to. So as the Eagles have dialed back their blitzes and added better pass rushers, we're seeing them now generate pressure without needing to rush extra guys. These are some more interesting findings from the previously referenced Keating column.

Since 2009, just a touch over half of the Eagles sacks have come when they rushed four or less passers. On Sunday, the Eagles registered five sacks and only one came as a result of a blitz. Two of those sacks came from Jason Babin, who it turns out, is quite good at getting sacks without a blitz. Last year, he had 9.5 of his 12.5 sacks when the Titans only rushed 4 or fewer.

That bodes very well for this defense at least as far as the pass goes. Combine the ability to get to the QB without bringing extra blitzers with the combo of Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel and DRC roaming the secondary... and that is dangerous. Now if they could shut down the run, we might really have something here.