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Jerry Jones' Delicious Delusion

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The Cowboys held a two touchdown lead heading into the fourth quarter against the Jets on Sunday. Up until that point, Tony Romo had actually played quite well. However, Romo would turn the ball over twice, once costing the Cowboys a potential TD and the second time essentially giving the Jets the winning FG.

And the two turnovers were really unforced errors. The fumble came after he tried to run for a TD in the red zone and just couldn't hold onto the ball at the end of the play. The second was an absolutely unforgivable INT to Darrelle Revis, who Romo basically threw directly to. So after seeing that, what did his owner/GM have to say about the performance?

"I thought Tony played one of the best games I have ever seen him play," said Jerry Jones. "You can make a big case that the way he played for three quarters was how we got there at the end and looked like we were for sure going to get the win. He played outstanding, the game has really slowed down for him which is a very good thing, he's seeing where the ball out to go, all those things bode well for us."

Now, I expect the guy who picks the players to defend them. Pretty much all GMs will do that. However, the manner in which Jerry Jones does is just so typical of what's wrong with that organization. I said this back when Jerry Jones was patting himself on the back for almost signing Nnamdi Asomugha. In the world of the Cowboys, what Jerry Jones sees as reality is reality. That's what happens when the same guy who owns the team picks the players, decides who plays what and where and generally controls everything about the organization. There are no checks on their power or their delusion.

So, Nnamdi Asomugha's agent takes his phone call and Jerry believes that he "wanted to be a Cowboy." Tony Romo turns the ball over twice and blows the game, but Jerry believes Tony played one of his best games ever. So he did.

I love the guy.