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The Linc - Contract Or Not, DeSean Jackson Still Making Plays

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No new contract, no problem for DeSean
"I think [that] speaks for the heart and determination that I have to play this game regardless of off-the-field issues," Jackson said. "I’m here to work, I’m here to play football and do it at a high level, and any time I’m able to perform and help this team win, everything else speaks for itself."

Vick dazzles, but says he'd rather work - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"The only thing I can dwell on right now is the stuff we didn't do well," Vick said. "I'm thankful for the victory, don't get me wrong. I just wish it could have been a little cleaner. But that's what it's about. It's work."

Vick, Eagles surge past Rams for Week 1 win
Two key stats: Eagles were 8 for 12 on third down, the Rams were 2 for 12.

Recap: St. Louis Rams nightmare performance versus the Dream Team - Turf Show Times
Ironic that so many said that this was the week to be facing the Eagles as they might still be less than optimally prepared for the season. The Eagles looked fine, even making the necessary adjustments to stop the Rams early wins on the blitz. It was the Rams that looked woefully unprepared.

DeSean Jackson still a money player | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/11/2011
"The only thing I can really do is control what I'm able to do - just go out there and play football and make as many plays as possible," he said. "It's challenging at times, especially when you see a lot of things going out there on the market and stuff. I just try to stay patient and I know my time will be coming soon. The atmosphere, the relationship with the Eagles, I feel has been real, real good lately. I'll just keep doing what I need to do, work hard, keep my mouth sh . . . " Jackson stopped himself. He smiled. "Quiet," he said. "And just have fun."