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Eagles Vs Rams Injury Report

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In our first official injury report of the year, we don't really have much to say. Both the Eagles and Rams come into this game pretty much at full capacity. The only Eagle to not practice this week was Vince Young, who suffered a hamstring strain in the final preseason game. He did take some snaps yesterday, but is still listed as doubtful. If he can't go, Mike Kafka will serve as the backup and Andy Reid will just go with two QBs.

For the Rams, TE Michael Hoomanawanui did not practice all week with an injured calf and is listed as questionable. Rams fans don't seem concerned because according to them in the comments all week, they've got future hall of famer Lance Kendricks, a rookie second round pick, ready to fill his spot.

Ok Saturday, could you please end now?