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BGN is shattering its records: Thank you to the BGN readership... and to Jason

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BGN broke a record in August... Actually, shattered is more like it. In total, BGN had 2,265,897 page views in August, which broke a record set the previous month in July of 1,425,431. I'd be very surprised if BGN didn't break a new record again in September, and then October, and then November, and then December... OK, just kidding - I don't want to sound like LeBron James here. Here were BGN's numbers over the past two years, which have almost doubled:

Month BGN Sept '09 - Aug '10 BGN Sept '10 - Aug '11
September 598,327 810,787
October 403,202 690,078
November 389,894 974,900
December 475,897 969,734
January 514,780 1,087,525
February 362,257 896,345
March 758,986 710,423
April 1,016,314 815,489
May 538,820 733,812
June 370,632 608,948
July 461,865 1,425,431
August 772,288 2,265,897
TOTAL 6,663,262 11,989,369

Gahhhh, missed 12,000,000 (a million per month) by 10,631 measly page views!

Anyway, the purpose of sharing this information with you is two-fold.  First, many of you who post in the comment sections, write original content in the fanpost section, or inform the community of the latest breaking news in the fanshot section help make this site great.  Much of BGN's success is due to the people that frequent the site, which is very different than traditional media outlets.  Feel free to take pride in BGN's success.  Secondly, and more importantly, thank you for reading, and helping make BGN what it is today.

BGN has become the #2 SBN Football site, noted here:

Blog Team Covered Page views Sept '10 - Aug '11
Arrowhead Pride Chiefs 22,587,950
Bleeding Green Nation Eagles 11,989,369
Mile High Report Broncos 11,471,376
Buffalo Rumblings Bills 11,082,156
Blogging the Boys Cowboys 10,508,113

As soon as we figure out how to clone BGN and double our readers, we'll overtake the guys at Arrowhead Pride.  Failing that, maybe we'll just attack their writers' typing fingers, Gillooly style.  Either way, we're coming for you, punks.

BGN has opened up a lot of doors for me, personally.  I started writing in the fanpost section after I got laid off from my job a couple years ago.  It was right around the time Brian Dawkins left for Denver.  I had a lot of time on my hands, in between job interviews in an extremely difficult job market.  When I resumed work, I found that my commute was like an hour and a half into New York City (each way), so I spent the time on the train writing about the Eagles.  Eventually, Jason gave me the keys to just pop whatever I was writing onto the front page, joining Bob in that regard.  Fast forward a bit, the writing gets a little better, yada yada yada, and now I'm covering training camp, watching games from the press box, flying out to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, interviewing players in the locker room, and eventually starting my own blog (shameless plug) with immediate readership from the people that got used to my work here.  It's been awesome.

Jason has grown this blog since 2006, where, if you go back to the archives, you'll see that a huge story like "TO attempts suicide?" (BGN's 4th post ever) had 7 comments... SEVEN!  And 4 of them were Jason!  Nowadays, preseason open game threads are getting 1,000 comments in a quarter, and multiple guys (whose names you know) that have been Eagles beat writers for over a decade are stopping me at camp (thinking that I'm Jason) just to tell me that they read BGN every day.  So I guess I'd like to thank Jason, too.  He has given me, Bob, and Sumith (Route36 to you - Sorry if you wanted to keep your name confidential, Sumith) a fantastic opportunity both writing for the blog and even the Maple Street Press annual (available online or in stores now, haha).  It's awesome (and a little pressuring, which is great) knowing that everything I post here is going to be read by a ton of people.  Thanks, Jason.  Take a bow.