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Eagles Vs Jets: What To Watch For

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Tonight the Eagles take on the Jets is their annual preseason "Who cares?" bowl in which each team just tries to ride out the preseason with the shortest travel time they can find. The game will feature almost no starters, but will be the final chance for guys to make a last impression before the Saturday cut down date. Whether they earn a backup job here or just put some good stuff on film for another team, you will see guys fighting for a job tonight. I'm sure we all remember Danny Woodhead running roughshod in this game a few a years ago?

Danny Watkins

As far as starters, Danny Watkins may very well be the only guy worth watching tonight. The rookie asked for some snaps in tonight's game to help prepare him for the season and he got them. We're not really watching for anything special, just improvement. As we've said, the offseason has been painfully short for these rookies, so any extra practice game time they can get is valuable.

Rookie kickers

It's been a quiet, but solid preseason for the two rookie kickers. Alex Henery has been perfect so far, but not really tested with anything tough. It would be nice to see him get a few attempt from 40+ tonight. Otherwise, you just want to see those two remaining consistent.

Vince Young

VY gets the start tonight and if all goes well, it will pretty much be the last time we see him all year. He's gotten better as the preseason has gone on and tonight he'll likely get a full half. He's still obviously learning the offense, so it will be good to see if he grasps that further  and makes good decisions.

Does anyone emerge in the return game?

The Eagles have used a number of guys in the return game this year and really no one has distinguished themselves. It's not really clear whether there would be a roster spot for the likes of Chad Hall, Sinorice Moss and Johnnie Lee Higgins anyway... DeSean Jackson will still return punts, but probably not in every situation. I suppose anyone that can catch can handle kick return duties at this point... but one of these guys has a chance to hang on as a sixth WR, especially early in the season while Steve Smith is not available.