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DeSean Jackson Will Practice And Play Without A New Contract

DeSean Jackson arrived at Lehigh today to join the Eagles, ending his fairly short lived holdout. In brief remarks to the media Jackson handled things well saying that he feels that his play speaks for itself and that it's "obvious" he's looking for a new contract. He also says that he thinks a new deal can be worked out.

He also said that he was excited about all the new signings and that he was itching to get back with his teammates. He says that he's not upset with the team and that he has a great relationship with them and the fans here and that his "destiny is to be here and be an Eagle."

Most importantly perhaps, DeSean also said that he will be practicing and playing in preseason games whether a new contract gets done or not. That said, it's worth nothing that he doesn't have much of a choice. There's a reason he showed up on August 8th, because tomorrow is the deadline for players to report in order to accrue a year of service for free agency. So, while he could pull an Osi Umenyiora and quasi-holdout with an "injury," he really has to come to work or risk losing a year of free agency.

Perhaps the best moment of the day though was when Drew Rosenhaus tried to get on the field to watch practice from the sidelines, but since agents aren't allowed to do that, Eagles security escorted him to the stands to sit with the rest of the fans. The next stop for him will probably be dinner or a meeting with Joe Banner and Howie Roseman to work a new deal for DeSean, which you would hop would get done before the new season. Frankly, since all the important parties are up in Lehigh, hopefully it can get done sooner than that.

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