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Eagles training camp: Morning session part II, Aug. 5, 2011


Bigtime.  See that guy making the weird face behind Mike Patterson that kinda looks like the love child of Drew Rosenhaus and Bill Laimbeer, seemingly giving a thumbs up while looking like a douche with his sunglasses up on his forehead?  Yeah, that's me, bitches... on NFL Network.  Hollywood.

Onto Part II from this morning's session (Part I here):

11 on 11's:

- Run right by McCoy.  Nothing there.

- Bad blocking on a run play.  Shady breaks through the line anyway.

- Tupou still running with the 1's.  What's going on there?  Tupou has not looked good at any point this camp so far from what I've seen.  I hope he truly isn't being considered as an option to run with the 1's if Winston Justice isn't a go for Week 1.  There are at least 5 better options at RT.

- Vick pass complete to Ingram over the middle.

- Run up the middle to Schmitt.  Nothing there.

- Vick high ball to to Celek.  Goes up and gets it, but can't hang on.  Good coverage there again by Hanson, who's having himself a day.

Runs only:

- Havili into the line for nothing.

- Buckley left side for nothing.

- Ronnie Brown right side.  Nothing.

- Havili left side.  Hole opens, but it's filled quickly by Jamar Adams, who hits Havili with a solid, loud thud.

- Nothing for the O there.  The D knows runs are coming, but still a nice job.

7 on 7's:

- Nice ball to Celek deep left.  Drop.  Oof.  Celek having a really rough day.

- Vick quick slant complete to Avant.

- Pump and go from Vick to Moss.  Deep.  Moss is wide open.  I look to see who got roasted.  Ruh roh.  It's Nnamdi.

- Swing to Shady complete.

- Hanson with a nice pass breakup on short ball to Avant.

- Deep ball by Vick to Riley broken up by Marsh.

- Short right to Ingram.

- Kafka takes forever, finds JLH medium left.  I'd like to see more of Kafka under heavy pass rushes.

- Kafka to Donald Lee over the middle.

- Nice comeback route by Moss.  Kafka hits him short right.  I've been poo pooing Moss in the back of my head (not here) for the first week of camp, but the guy is making a lot of catches in these drills.

- VY checkdown to Havili.  Remember, checkdowns on 7 on 7's are wins for the D.  Castillo fired up for every checkdown.

- Nice pass VY to Webb with some zip.  Good ball.

- Vick short left to Clay Harbor.

- Vick takes forever but completes a gorgeous ball to Riley Cooper over Hanson.  Castillo yells, perhaps in reply to an offensive player's trash talk, "That's OK D! They had 5 receivers out here and 10 seconds to throw!"

- Pass incomplete short left broken up by Hanson.  Did I mention Hanson is having a big day?

- Good ball by Kafka 25 yards to sideline.  Didn't see who caught it.  Kafka taking all day to throw in these drills today.

- VY slant to Gerald Jones.  Complete over Marsh.  Jones, in my opinion, is the best WR among the guys that have little shot to make the team.

- Buckley circle route complete past Moise Fokou.

Back to 11 on 11's:

- Ew.  False start on Peters, fumbled snap, ball scooped up by Cullen Jenkins and returned for a TD.  Cullen celebrated with a TD dance.

- McCoy into the line for 2.

- Vick seam to Avant for 10.

- Vick throws directly into the back of Danny Watkins' helmet.  Oof.

- Vick short left to Moss.  Some nifty little moves by Moss as he runs upfield.

- Ugly screen to Shady incomplete.

- Matthews stuffs McCoy in the backfield.  Fokou yells "Whaddya say white boy!"

- Wildcat - McCoy takes direct snap, runs left, pitches to Vick, who throws deep all the way across the field incomplete to Avant.  Fools nobody.  Nice D.

- Sack by Chaney.  Looked really quick on a blitz.

- McCoy tackled by Fokou in a non-tackling drill.  Shady throws the ball at Fokou.  Shady is chippy this year.  Not too many smiles from him while he's on the field.

- Shady clear shot at Vick, but Vick spins away and takes off downfield.  Vick not happy.  Somebody missed a block badly.


Henery from 45... Good.

Reset 11 on 11's

-  Kafka to JLH, high.  Incomplete.

- Ronnie Brown run right, tackled by Te'o, and then a little extra shove while he's already on the ground by Babin.  O and D getting chippy.

- Kafka quick hitter to JLH, complete.

- Ronnie Brown in the flat complete, Brown tackled by Keenan Clayton.  Haven't seen much of Keenan so far.

- Brown stuffed in the backfield by Babin.

- Kafka complete on a quick out to JLH, then a nice ball to Moss for 20, followed by another ball to JLH over the middle.  Nice series for Kafka.


Henery from 45... Good.

And that's it for today.  I won't be at camp tomorrow - I'll be checking in on the Giants again.  May or may not stop in one last time for the season on the Eagles on Sunday.

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