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Jeff Lurie Settles All Family Business

Jeff Lurie met the media yesterday for his annual state of the team address and I think actually spoke quite honestly about a few different topics we've all had questions about. First, he addressed the "dream team" moniker that's been floating around.

We're about as far from a dream team as you can be, we're playing catch up. The only dream team I know is the Green Bay Packers. We dream to become as good as the Green Bay Packers and hold that trophy. And going into last year I would say the New Orleans Saints because those are the dream teams, they're the ones holding the Lombardi Trophy. We're consciously trying to play catch up in an aggressive way.

He says that the team does see Michael Vick has the long term solution at QB.

"Yes, I do. Michael is healthy and in his prime, and I'm looking forward to having Michael for many, many years."

Did he reassure Asante Samuel that he'd be here?

"Yeah, well at first I said to him until you start yapping at the offense, you're not all the way back. Then you heard him the rest of the day there. What a great guy, terrific cornerback. I think in terms of playing with [CB] Nnamdi [Asomugha] and DRC and the rest, talk about being opportunistic, he's finally going to have a situation where they're going to have to throw the ball in his direction. This is sort of a unique situation for Asante that way. He's a great guy to have. We'll see how it goes as we go forward, but it's great to have him back."

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He reiterated the organization's commitment to winning it all and made it clear that they had no delusions about how lucky they got at times last year.

"We're obsessed. Last year, honestly, I felt like the winner of our game with Green Bay was going to go to the Super Bowl, but I also felt, and I guess I'm a fan as well as an owner, I looked back to the Meadowlands, and the game in New York. If it weren't for that amazing, unbelievable eight minutes, we were down 28-10 in a very important game, and we lost to the Vikings in a game that would have given us a bye. We played a very, very good Green Bay team, and played them almost evenly, but I tend to look at where are the gaps. We remember the Meadowlands, in such a phenomenal, that was one of the greatest football games as a fan I've ever watched, but until the last eight minutes we were down 28-10. So, in the offseason, let's make sure we're not in a position to be down 28-10 in a very important football game. The motivation is all internal. As I said, we've won so much, we just want to win the Super Bowl and go from there. We don't need any more motivation than that."

He would not discuss DeSean Jackson's contract situation, but did compliment the player and re-iterated in a follow up question that the organization's policy is not to negotiate with players who aren't in camp.

"Listen, we all really like DeSean. He's a positive player, a good person, and we have nothing but high hopes going forward with DeSean. I'm not going to talk publicly about any of the dealings with him, but it's all positive and we look forward to DeSean being here and working things out in a great way going forward."

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