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NFL Players Ratify New CBA Ensuring Labor Peace For A Decade

In news you thought was a week old, but really wasn't, the NFL players voted today to officially ratify the new collective bargaining agreement, ensuring that we won't have to deal with any more nasty lockouts for at least the next decade. As I write this, it's actually kind of odd to think that the two sides agreed in principle only last Monday. It seems like that is an eternity ago, especially for us Eagles fans.

The major parts of the deal were pretty much done then, but some smaller details like HGH testing and the commissioner's disciplinary power were still at issue. It appears as though the owners won on both accounts as there will be HGH testing and Goodell retains most of his power governing personal conduct. The players had wanted a third party to handle that.

The most immediate effect of the deal being officially signed is that players who signed new contracts over the past week can now practice with their teams. So that means Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, Vince Young & Ronnie Brown will all be on the field tomorrow morning at Lehigh. That should be a pretty awesome sight and probably means there will be big crowds this weekend.

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