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Randall Cunningham Doesn't Want To Give Up His #12 Jersey

Steve Smith wore the #12 jersey for the New York Giants and he'd probably like to wear it here. Currently, no one on the Eagles wears it... so what's the problem? Well, the number was of course worn by a pretty significant member of the franchise, Randall Cunningham. The Eagles haven't officially retired the #12 jersey, but Jeff Lurie said that the team wouldn't use the number unless Randall gave his ok.

Speaking to WIP this week, Randall made it clear that he's not giving any ok...

"No, I would not take it for a million bucks," Randall said. "For Jeffrey Lurie to put me in the honor roll like that, that's not something I take for granted. I went out and I bought a ring, like a Super Bowl ring, because of that honor and I put Philadelphia Eagles on it. That's my ring I show everybody. People ask me if that's a Super Bowl ring and I say, 'No. This is the ring they let me know that I was one of the players in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles and they honored me."

Frankly, I've got no problem with the #12 Eagles jersey staying off the field.

via 700Level

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