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Ronnie Brown On Joining Eagles: "It's About Winning"

ROnnie Brown
ROnnie Brown

Ronnie Brown took a very team friendly deal to come to Philadelphia and while running backs generally aren't getting big bucks these days, it does seem pretty believable when Brown says that the main reason he came to Philadelphia was for a chance to be on a winner.

"I guess at this point in my career," Brown said, "I'm looking back and I'm looking at the opportunity. And it's not so much the financial standpoint, it was more about winning and putting myself in a good situation where I felt comfortable where I'd be on a team that made that a priority. You can tell by some of the moves that they've made this offseason that they put winning first. And I sat back and I thought about it and I weighed all of my options and I thought this would be a good fit for myself."

Brown, who will be wearing Brian Westbrook's old #36, was also asked if he's at all concerned about a lack of carried given that the Eagles don't run as much Miami?

"Well, I looked at it and LeSean and myself are a little different as far as size, and he has a lot of catches, he's able to catch the ball a lot out of the backfield and for myself I like to get downhill a little bit more and present that option. So I felt that it would be a good fit. And I think on the offensive side of the ball they do a lot of different things to get guys involved, so I felt that I would have a chance here. And I spoke with coach Reid and I felt like it would be a good shot for me."

Brown was slowed by injuries last year, but says that's he's feeling good right now.

"I feel good. You know, I feel as good as I've felt. Obviously, coming into camp I wanted to get somewhere early enough where I can get in and kind of learned the offense and be able to be there and get my role down. But physically I feel real well. The foot's a nonfactor, doesn't hurt. You know, I think it was two years ago, so last year it didn't give me any problems. The knee thing it hasn't given me any problems the last two years; it's only gotten a lot stronger. Actually, I think it's a little bit stronger than the other leg, so I might have to work on the good leg a little bit more. And so, I feel pretty good. Conditioning, I feel like I'm in good, physical shape, but there is a difference between being in shape and being in football shape when you throw those pads on and they have guys pulling and tugging at you, but I think it's going to work out."

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