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Winston Justice's Rehab May Have Been Affected By Being A Player Rep

Winston Justice is the Eagles union player rep, so understandably he probably had a busier summer than most. In addition, he had knee surgery that he was rehabbing. Working on the former may have affected the latter according to Andy Reid.

"His schedule was a little bit crazy since he was a player rep and he was all over the place." Reid said this afternoon. "I think it just set back his rehab a little bit. He did a good job with the player rep part of it, but the lockout, in his case, I don't think helped him get the rehab done on his leg that he needed to. We're doing that. He's a hard worker and very diligent. He's here, he's doing it, and he's attacking the situation and doing well with it."

It would be an unfortunate irony if Winston Justice lost his own job because he spent the summer fighting for everyone elses'.

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